The main area of the Practice’s specialization is public procurement law.

The Practice provides clients with legal assistance:

  • at the stage of proceedings for the award of public procurement contracts, among others by means of:
    • providing opinion on the specifications of the essential terms of the contract, including specimen contracts,
    • drafting of applications for clarification of the specifications of the essential terms of the contract,
    • risk analysis with regard to the contract in question and its execution,
    • assisting clients with preparation of tender documentation, assistance in replying to requests for completing and explaining the documentation, in providing explanations of the content of the submitted tenders,
    • formal and legal examination of the competing applicants’ tenders;
  • at the stage of legal protection measures stipulated in the Public Procurement Law, among others by means of:
    • drafting appeals, replies to appeals, notifications of entering into appeal proceedings, notices of opposition, complaints,
    • representation in appeal proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber,
    • representation before regional courts in proceedings which arise from complaints against the rulings of the National Appeals Chamber;
  • during the execution phase of public procurement contracts and any conflicting issues which may arise.

The Practice also provides legal services in other areas, such as civil law and administrative law.

The terms and conditions of cooperation with the client are flexible and determined on an individual basis, depending on the needs and expectations of the client, as well as the complexity of the matter, and also on the amount of work required. Legal services are provided both on a retainer basis, and also on a one-off assignment basis. As a rule the Practice operates on an agreed-upon hourly rate, however in individual cases it is possible to negotiate a flat- rate fee or payment of a mixed nature.